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Hot Tea, Hot Compresses And Hot Ligaments: My Winter Health Update

Right now, I'm spending time focusing on what my body is most in need of. I'm more concentrated on what I can do at home to help aid this healing process. It is truly a full-time job. And while I've been doing many of these for several years, focusing on them more makes me realize just how helpful they really are. Call it intentional focusing.

Here's what I find the most beneficial and even necessary in many regards:
  • Warm castor oil compresses on my liver (and sometimes spleen)
  • Epsom Salt and aromatherapy baths
  • Dry skin brushing
  • Stretching 
  • Standing; bearing weight
  • Bouncing on my physio or Swiss ball to help with lymph movement
  • Deep breathing exercises 
  • Eating whole, healthy organic foods (always)
  • Healthy alkaline smoothies and juices
  • Resting as often as needed throughout the day (there's usually no other choice)
  • Drinking hot teas (Green, Lemon, Ginger, Pu erh, Tulsi, Gotu Kola, etc.)
  • Drinking a lot of pure water
  • Spending time outside in the sunshine and fresh air
  • Listening to soothing music
  • Praying and meditating on God's Word 

Naturopathic and Homeopathic Medicine, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and other bodywork (Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Reflexology) are vital aspects of my health regimen. Yet, I believe what I do at home daily is equally as important. I know it is.


I did come home with some new information from my last doctor's appointment over a week ago.

After a solid year of treatment, Lyme is still in my body. And it's still in my nervous system. We all know when Lyme is in the body chronically; it goes everywhere - organs, tissues, cells. It respects no boundary. As a friend of mine says, "It's a wicked stealth bacteria." You know I've been breaking since last September from my Lyme treatment for those who have regularly followed my blog. Specifically, the part of treatment targeted the strains of Borrelia as well as some co-infections. However, when Dr. P muscle tests me about going back on that part of the treatment protocol, my body emphatically says no. My biggest question regarding this is why? If the Lyme is still in my body, why doesn't it want more of the Lyme treatment?

She believes this indicates that part of the treatment has done its job of pulling out Lyme particles from deep within my cells, tissues, and organs and brought them to the forefront. And now we must support my immune system to do its job of cleaning it up if you will.

Enter new immune support, MycoSurge (a liquid blend of 12 immune modulating mushrooms). I've only been on it a week so far, but I'm really excited about seeing how it will help my immune function. We'll see how it goes.

On another note, Dr. P is still concerned about my liver. This is based on labs, muscle testing, and my symptoms. She believes the Lyme has damaged the nerves that feed my liver. I feel viruses are also playing a role in assaulting my liver cells, namely Epstein-Barr and CMV. She believes having a healthy, optimal functioning liver means better health overall. And I agree. This is a major focus for us. We're also using MycoSurge as new liver support as well.

Still seeing my chiropractor, too. We had to stop the visceral adjustments; they were way too much for me. My liver couldn't keep up with a load of toxins being dumped after each adjustment. So Dr. R tried a new, less invasive technique right before Christmas - The Logan Technique. I had never heard of it. Basically, he holds light pressure for several minutes on the Sacrotuberous ligament, located at the back of the pelvis on each side. Literally, they run right up against each buttock. These ligaments anchor the sacrum to the bones of the pelvis. As I understand it, this technique is said to realign the pelvis and reduce tension on the spine. This relaxes muscles of the low back and pelvis and balances the spine itself, which would affect the peripheral nervous system and influence the organs those nerves feed. Let me say this: something shocking and pleasantly unexpected happened after the first time.

I had a contracture in my right knee for several years that took me a long, painful time to work through physical therapy. It's 85-90 percent better. No one would probably notice it at first, but I cannot straighten my right leg completely. To put it another way, my right leg is a little shorter than my left.

After Dr. R did this Logan Technique, I came home and laid down to rest and noticed my right knee felt really weird. I mean, something felt very odd. And then it hit me; the back of my right knee was touching the bed. That hasn't happened in years. My leg was completely straight! In all honesty, it felt too long. Like out of proportion long. Normal is weird when you've not had it in a very long time.

Unfortunately, it didn't stay that way. After a day and a half, it went back to the way it was. But how amazing that I could straighten my leg completely after all these years, if only for a couple of days!!! And after only one treatment! Very profound. My right hamstring has been aching off/on a great deal since. I view this as positive. Like we are awakening things or restimulating them. Stay tuned for more on this. If that happened after only one treatment, what might happen after several more?

I haven't been back to my chiropractor yet, but I'm anxious to tell him what took place and excited to see what will happen after another treatment. I hope and pray my leg will straighten permanently. This is one of the most exciting things that's happened to me physically in a while.

As far as how I'm feeling goes...
  1. I don't feel quite as inflamed since being on the Lyme protocol. Despite eating a healthy, whole organic diet for many years, despite being on antivirals and every known supplement to man, inflammation was still such a significant issue for me until I started treating Lyme. Truly, Lyme is an inflammatory disease. 
  2. I'm not running fevers as frequently. 
  3. Fatigue is always present on some level, but I must say, overall, it is more moderate in intensity as compared to the many years of severe and debilitating fatigue I've endured. That is definitely a blessing beyond words!! I still have days to contend with the more profound, debilitating fatigue, but it's not a daily occurrence now. I often wonder how I ever survived when it was? I can actually take a shower and not be totally wiped out. I can make my own smoothies and juice. Small steps.
  4. I do believe Cataplex B (Standard Process) is helping my energy too. And I can tell it is helping better support my nervous system as I've had a decrease in burning, numbness, and tingling since being on it. Good stuff.
  5. My liver is still problematic. Spleen is somewhat better, but one often affects the other because it and the liver share common blood vessels. My liver seems to be functioning better at times, and others, I can tell it's very sluggish and congested. Sometimes, it just aches, as does my spleen. However, the warm castor oil compresses help very much. In fact, the constant puffiness over the front of my liver has gone down since doing the compresses. And my body had actually formed visible blood vessels there, the big puffy kind, which Dr. P was really concerned about. GONE. The only thing I've done differently is the castor oil compresses. She told me to continue doing them indefinitely.
  6. I still have days I don't feel well at all. I still get wiped out at times. But I'm so thankful I'm not running fevers as often and that I have some better energy. Hallelujah! Or, as Tyler Perry says, "Hallelujer!"
Any positive, lasting change is very encouraging after so many years of ups and downs, trial and error, crashed expectations, disappointments, misdiagnosis, etc., etc., etc.

I We could write a novel, huh?

Lyme disease is taxing in every way and requires perseverance, resources, and a consistent support system. In my opinion, it also requires supernatural help from the Lord.

I will overcome this with continued perseverance and especially God's help.

Michelle Holderman
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