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My Lyme Symphony is a blog about my ongoing journey with chronic illness, Lyme disease, and the continuing pursuit of healing and wellness. It is also a blog about creating something beautiful in the process.

When one thinks of a symphony, I clearly know Lyme disease is not the first thought that comes to mind. The suffering and devastation of this disease is a far cry from the intricate beauty of a major musical composition. It seems more like an oxymoron; a paradox. And yet their opposition speaks precisely to what those of us living with Lyme work to achieve every day ~ to bring these differing forces of illness and the pursuit of wellness into some kind of harmonious arrangement in order to live and not just exist.

This isn't to say we want it to stay this way; nothing could be farther from the truth. We all long for good health and want to reclaim our lives. But in the meantime, is it possible to create lasting beauty and worth out of something so life altering? Can we somehow harmonize the sounds of chronic illness, pain, and debility with the pursuit of healing, wellness, and wholeness in order to produce a new life that could perhaps be even better than our old one?

While I started My Lyme Symphony to focus on Lyme disease, and all that it encompasses including the latest news, research, treatments, etc., as well as documenting parts of my own journey along the way, I have discovered I can also use this as a tool to help transform my long healing quest into a kind of masterpiece of art.

My very own symphony, if you will. 

Music is a big part of how I deal with this illness emotionally. It's a big part of my life period. And there are many studies that document the powerful benefits of music and sound on our health. So to analogize this Lyme journey in the context of a musical opus seems fitting.

Like the complex rise and fall of each orchestral movement, so are the complex highs and lows of this Lyme journey. There are many intricate parts. But through it all I keep persevering and enduring; working, hoping, praying and believing for a most beautiful ending.
It can be difficult at times to keep this perspective when so ill and debilitated. Many days, like so many of you, all I can do is endure the bone-crushing fatigue, fevers, pain, neuropathies, and other myriad symptoms that are a part of this complicated disease complex. Regardless, I still ultimately desire to make something beautiful out of all this suffering. In fact, I think it's necessary.

It could be easy to see this as nothing but a terrible waste of life. But I refuse to believe that. This is why I think it's truly necessary to find and create something beautiful and meaningful out of this ugly mess. And while it is a struggle some days, I know nothing is wasted. My faith in Christ assures me of this.

My Lyme Symphony is a unique work in progress. It is a transformative work. It is a work that is refining me, not defining me. A work that has cocooned me off from the ordinary and is forcing me to produce something extraordinary. A work divinely orchestrated by the Conductor, Himself.

I hope to emerge one day soon from this cocoon, soaring like an eagle, with a truly unique and inspired sound. A sound so rich, poetic, and beautiful it could only be divinely birthed out of this tremendous hardship, pain, and suffering. It is a sound already in the making.

The sound of a grateful heart.

The sound of a powerful witness.

The sound of My Lyme Symphony.

- Michelle

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