Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DesBio Lym Drops (Updated August 2014)

DesBio's homeopathic Lym drops (yes without the "e") have become such a helpful support in my overall Lyme treatment. It's not a cure all but I find it gives me some much needed relief; in particular it helps me when I'm having Lyme related headaches, eye sensitivity, and fevers. Not so much for fatigue.

Again this is not a stand alone treatment for chronic Lyme but rather a supportive therapy. Taking several drops three times a day yields the best results. But of course, each day is different and the benefits can last longer than others. So I take more drops at certain times than others. Some days, Lym is like a little miracle for me.

The point of all this being it helps to bring about some relief. And when you're suffering with a Lyme headache, ear pressure/fullness, sensitivity to light, fever or aching muscles and joints; any relief is welcome.

The deeper I go into treating my long term Lyme infection, the more I find I need this Lym homeopathic support. I honestly cannot be without these drops some days. When I don't take it, I suffer more; especially with headaches and light sensitivity. So I take it daily. Its as simple as that.

This is also great to have on hand for tick bites as you can apply drops directly to the site.

DesBio, short for Deseret Biologicals, makes many homeopathic, nutritional and botanical medicines. On a side note, they also make what are called Series Therapy kits for many different kinds of bacteria, viruses, etc. And they make one for Borrelia burgdorferi as well (which also includes Babesia). I treated with two of the different Borrelia Series Therapies (Basic and 1M) for over a year and it helped with certain things more than others. The biggest difference it made for me was in totally stopping a Lyme-related arrhythmia I had for two years prior to that time. My doctor and I didn't know Borrelia was at the root of the arrhythmia until it totally subsided after I started these potent homeopathic series therapies. That alone was huge!

I personally respond very well to homeopathic medicine. Certainly different things work for different people and I believe everyone has to do whatever works best for them. So anytime I find something that helps me in a significant way, I like to share it. And in sharing my own experience, I always hope it might be of help to someone else. If you've used Lym or any other DesBio products for Lyme disease, I'd love to hear if and how it's helped.

FYI: there are a few places online you can find this but otherwise; DesBio products are usually sold through healthcare professionals.

In love and hope,


*UPDATE - August 2014*

Desbio has recently changed LYM to Lyme Plus. The major difference is the adding of Babesia microti and Ehrlichia (thus the "Plus"), which makes this more comprehensive but is still different from the Series Therapies. I think it's a great formula to add as an aid to any Lyme disease treatment because many of us have Babesia and/or Ehrlichia infections as well. But remember; different things work for different people.


  1. So glad you have sound some relief for symptoms Michelle. I have heard of this company before. Do you use essential oils too?

    1. Yes I do, Renee. Love essential oils. I use them personally and so does my massage therapist. Really like Young Living Oils. Do you use them? If so, what are your favorites?

  2. I have recently started my 12 year old son on the lyme protocol series kit and I am amazed. Within 6 weeks all of his symptoms are gone. I am a chiropractor and I was at my wits end; I had tried every therapy under the sun and none of them worked. I thank God every day for this company/Desbio.

    1. Marina, thank you so much for your comment. I am sorry that I'm just now responding, but SO GLAD to hear how much the Borrelia series therapy helped your son. I'm a big fan too and am thankful for Desbio as well. Appreciate your feedback. God bless you and your family! ~ Michelle -

    2. Which kit did your son do? Did he herx? I just started the Borrelia/babsiea Kit. Herxing pretty bad. How long did it take for him to
      Feel normalcy again? Thanks in advance.

      Thanks. Rebecca Tibball