Friday, April 27, 2012

Today, I Juiced Some Carrots

I'm working to recover from quite a significant setback, which started back in February after having a bad cold that turned into a lingering respiratory infection, which opened the door to Borrelia and some viruses becoming more active again. Ugh. One thing led to another and then another and another...

I've yet to blog about it, mostly because I've not felt well enough, but I hope to in the coming days. Right now, I am feeling somewhat better. I've had one notable improvement to speak of, otherwise; it truly is a day by day, if not at times a moment by moment, process.

I'm focusing everyday on doing whatever it takes to help aid my body in recovering from this relapse. I thought along the way I would blog as my energy allows. Perhaps this will be both informative for others and therapeutic for me. This is, and has been, a most arduous and frustrating time but I'm trying to look for the silver lining in it. Honestly, I could have cared less about any silver lining when I was feeling my worst - so deeply sick and fatigued - but little by little; one day at a time.

I started this blog to focus more on Lyme Disease and related health issues. Ironically, it seems to have gone in a direction I never foresaw coming but I don't want to let it go to waste. I want to document what I'm doing. So today, I juiced some fresh organic carrots. That's one of my big accomplishments for the day. When you're chronically ill, it's the little things.

I've been a juicer for awhile but it's taken a backseat to everything else lately. You know; triage what's most pressing, like surviving. One issue that's more problematic right now is my body being too acidic. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are very alkaline and this is one of the things I'm doing to help. Drinking fresh squeezed lemon water and hot green tea with lemon is also very alkalizing. My diet has always been healthy, but I've been tweaking my food choices to promote more alkalinity as well. FYI - check out The Alkaline Sisters for some great info and recipes.

I'll write more another time.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lyme Disease On The Dr. Phil Show

Been offline for awhile. Have had a setback. It's been a very difficult past couple months. Hope to blog soon about it but for now; I'm just not feeling well enough.

Part of The Dr. Phil show last Friday was about Lyme Disease. Just wanted to say thanks so much to Dr. Phil, his staff, Dr. Bhakta, Kathy, Brooke and Stephanie for opening this important door to talk about chronic Lyme and how devastating it is. It's only a drop in the bucket but I believe it is a significant first step to better education and dialog. Hope and pray they will do more follow-up shows and bring other Lyme patients and doctors on to reveal the whole gamut of LD and co-infections as well as other viable treatments and therapies.

On a side note, I was working on a new project prior to the setback...this very blog. I had hoped to have it up and running by May for Lyme Disease Awareness Month. And then this unforeseen setback. I knew if I didn't go ahead and publish it now; I might not be able to before May.

This is not quite how I wanted to introduce my new Lyme blog but so it goes. It's surely still a work in progress but welcome nonetheless. I'll continue posting health updates on The Ragamuffin Saint as well but I wanted to start this blog to focus solely on Lyme Disease and health and nutrition related topics. I look forward to your participation, comments and friendship. Hope to write an "official" welcome post in the near future when I'm feeling better. Blessings.

~ Michelle