Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Girl, Her Spleen And Her Liver; My Fall Health Update

I saw my doctor last Monday. We had an in depth discussion about my pressing health issues. We also discussed the results of a recent Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) I had at my chiropractor's office. To best summarize it all: I need to break yet another month from the Lyme treatment. My body cannot tolerate the protocol because my liver and spleen are not functioning up to par. My liver is very taxed and overburdened; unable to move toxins out. My spleen is overburdened as well and is swollen and extremely tender. This has been an issue for awhile but is now being exacerbated by the Lyme treatment. Because the liver and spleen share common blood circulation pathways and because the spleen helps to purify the liver, any dysfunction in one will affect the other. 

The job of this treatment is to pull out the strains of Lyme bacteria (Borrelia) and co-infections (bacterial and viral) from organs, joints, tissues and cells so the immune system can deal with it. The spleen and liver are both an integral part of this process. The liver is a major detoxification organ and filters all the blood in our bodies. If it isn't functioning properly, toxins (bacterial, viral, environmental, etc) will literally get reabsorbed back into the body and can create a systemic toxic state. The spleen plays a primary role in producing immune cells so clearly; it's important for proper immune function. And it is literally a blood reservoir, which helps to recycle old, worn out red blood cells.

There are also other infections that can directly affect the liver and spleen as well. Epstein-Barr Virus, Cytomegalovirus, and Ehrlichia (a tick borne bacteria and common Lyme co-infection) can cause liver and spleen dysfunction. EBV and CMV have been problematic for me a number of years. And Ehrliciha is one of the tick borne co-infections I have so we believe these three are all playing a factor.

So I can't continue on with my Lyme protocol (Homeopathic Borrelia Series Therapy, Lym Remedy, Cat's Claw and Smart Silver) until these organs are functioning better. It really is counter- productive to go after Lyme spirochetes and viruses if my liver and spleen aren't up to the task at hand. We must spend this next month focusing on improving and supporting their function. We are using whole food supplements, probiotics, homeopathic medicines, chiropractic and visceral (organ) adjustments and massage therapy to aid in this process.

 And speaking of visceral adjustments, have you ever had your spleen adjusted? Uh huh; it doesn't feel very good. However, I believe it will ultimately be beneficial. I've only had my spleen adjusted twice so far but I think, just as my chiropractor thinks, this will help stimulate my spleen to function better, which will benefit my immune system and my liver. On my last visit, he said he could tell a little difference as he palpated the tissues around my spleen. Yay! The down side is that it really wipes me out for a few days afterwards and leaves me very sore.

My doctor believes this will be beneficial too; especially in conjunction with the overall support I'm on (supplements, homeopathy, massage, etc). The plan is to do four visceral adjustments, in combination with spinal and cranial adjustments, and then reassess my spleen and liver function. If there is improvement, we will continue with the adjustments. If not, we'll have to come up with a new plan. I always seek the Lord and pray for guidance and believe this is the direction to go in right now.

As far as how I'm feeling goes....I'm rather up and down and in between at times. This is actually my second month in breaking from the Lyme protocol. After one full year of treatment, I'm quite certain my body has needed a break. And my doctor really wants to see what my immune and nervous systems will do on their own off treatment. After all, the goal is not to stay on the treatment protocol forever but rather for it to aid and assist my body in this healing process. And yet treating chronic Lyme is a complicated and lengthy process

Since beginning the chiropractic and visceral adjustments, I can tell my body is processing a great deal. My spleen does ache but it has off/on for quite some time. I feel exhausted, run a low grade fever and generally do not feel well for a few days. Sounds very familiar but this physically feels different to me than when on the Lyme treatment. And having come to understand the process of healing and how the body works, I know feeling worse before feeling better is usually how it goes. The one improvement I can subjectively tell is that I am sleeping better. I believe this is due to the combination of chiropractic adjustments, supplements and homeopathic support. Now I'm waking up earlier and feeling more rested. Sometimes just the right things working in tandem together can make a difference.

I'm also researching teas to help support my spleen and liver function. Green tea and Dandelion tea support the liver but I found out that Chen Pi (Tangerine peel) and Pu'erh teas are highly supportive of the spleen and digestion. If anyone has any other suggestions for teas, please let me know.

As I always say, this is certainly a process and one that is akin to peeling the layers of an onion. We've been peeling many layers through the years but right now; I'm focusing solely on my spleen and liver.  

~ Michelle        

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